what is live wonderfull?

what is live wonderfull ashton and madison
To live wonderfull means to live a life that is quite literally “full of wonder” – living in awe, appreciation, and gratitude for the beauty that surrounds us.
Do you ever wonder what’s next for you, for our world? If so, you’re living wonderfull by keeping a curious mind and questioning the status quo.
Do you ever find yourself thinking about distant places, people, or cultures? If so, you’re living wonderfull (or “wander”full, as it were) by exploring all this world has to offer.
Do you ever look towards the future – your family, your career, your legacy – with breathless anticipation? If so, you’re living wonderfull by constantly dreaming and visioning.
Do you ever stop and ponder what habits will take your life to the next level? If so, you’re living wonderfull by growing your skill sets, engaging in personal development, staying healthy, and propelling yourself forward through continual study and learning.
Living wonderfull is all of this and more.


Who are we?

what is live wonderfull ashton

An entrepreneur at heart, I love helping people see the true potential of building something of their own (big or small!). Helping people on their professional and personal journey really fires me up…which is the real genesis for starting this blog! Outside of #bossbabe mode, my life revolves around my faith, family, fitness…and of COURSE the best boi in da whole werld, my cat Rigby. And, if there’s a trip around the corner, I’m one happy lady.


what is live wonderfull ashton

A twenty-something foodie with aspirations of becoming a certified nutritionist, cycle instructor and all around fittie. I’m an Indiana girl and Jesus + coffee fuel my days. I aim to inspire. Join me in living the wonderfull life.



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