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5 Reasons Why Network Marketing Has It Right

5 reasons why network marketing has it right

My “office” is anywhere I want it to be, as long as I have these few essentials.


As much as some people want to dog network marketing, the fact of the matter is that there are many ways in which the business structure is so, so right. Believe it or not, once you put your skepticism and preconceived notions aside, this is an industry you just might want to be a part of.


The YouEconomy is the Future

Before we dig into the strengths of network marketing specifically, let’s talk about the future of work in America, because it paints an important backdrop. Although you might not know it by name, the YouEconomy (also known as sharing economy, on-demand economy, or freelance economy) is all around us. Predicated the rise of the consumer internet, the YouEconomy allows people to “become” a business in the amount of time it takes to put up a post, market their services, or list an item for sale. Online learning tools have made it possible for people to access incredible amounts of knowledge, gain new skills, and market themselves as professionals in a way that our grandparents were never able to. “The internet makes it practical. The end,” Gary Vaynerchuk has been quoted as saying.


And it’s true – whether you are interested in making your own goods to sell, offering your services on a freelance basis, or marketing goods produced by another company, the internet allows everyday people to enter into a new and powerful economy. In fact, best-selling author Paul Zane Pilzer noted that at least half of US households will be participating in the YouEconomy in some form by 2020. Newsflash: that’s 3 years from now.


This is all well and good, but combined with research that states that by 2020 “40% of our workforce will be comprised of independent contractors” (Intuit), it should give pause for thought. The bottomline is this: traditional, “stable,” career-long, 9-5 jobs are going away in favor of corporations contracting workers and saving on workforce overhead. The YouEconomy – and network marketing in particular – gives you a way to protect yourself and your family as the face of the American workforce changes.


My question for you: are you going to wait until 2020, when this essential shift in the way people work has reached the masses? Or are you going to jump in now, knowing what the future holds?


Before you answer, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you might want to consider network marketing as your ticket to entering the YouEconomy…


1. It allows ANYONE to become an entrepreneur.

I think the prospect of “owning your own business” is super intimidating to a lot of people – and understandably so! There’s a lot that goes into starting and operating a traditional business. Fortunately, in network marketing, the corporate structure of the company does most of the dirty work for you…meaning that you can focus wholly on income-generating activities. Additionally, it’s an “earn as you learn” field. No degree or prior experience required. As long as you have the desire and drive to create a better future, a willingness to learn, and are coachable, you can succeed in this industry! Not only will the company typically provide you with training, but ideally, you will be able to jump into a team of people who want to help you succeed.


2. It can fit in with the rest of your life.

The great thing about network marketing is that it “fits into the cracks of your life.” What this means is that you don’t have to give everything up – including your currently stable job – to chase the dream or earn income on the side. Do you have an extra 15-30 minutes in your day? My guess is yes. It doesn’t have to be a solid chunk of time – 5 minutes here and there to send a message, make a post, drop off a sample, or enter an order is how many people I know personally have built multi-million dollar organizations. If you have that kind of time (reminder: you do), you can get started on changing your future today.


3. It is built upon the most desirable form of marketing today.

Organic, word of mouth marketing is something that every company hopes to tap into at some point. Think about it: referrals from friends, family, and co-workers carry a lot of weight in our lives. All companies hope to influence consumers enough that they talk about products naturally. But oftentimes, companies have to spend absurd amounts of money on various marketing campaigns to get their brands in front of us at all times. Rather than spending money on expensive ad campaigns, though, network marketing companies divert that budget and handsomely reward brand partners who bring business their way. This is why you see some of your friends posting about pretty amazing bonus structures. The basic premise is this: reward the PEOPLE who do the marketing at the ground level (i.e. directly within their own networks), because it’ll be more influential than another ad in a magazine. Pretty smart, right?


4. It provides the support and tools you need to be successful.

We’ve already talked about this a bit – remember the “earn as you learn” concept? Although this will vary from company to company (something you will definitely want to check into as you consider what opportunity you want to take advantage of), many companies provide you with all the tools you will need to effectively run your business. Online and in-person trainings. Marketing tools, such as printed brochures, flyers, catalogs, DVDs, online videos, and in some cases, social media assets. Order processing and fulfillment (be careful about this one – not every company provides this). Customer service support. The list can go on and on. Bottom line is, there’s a reason you didn’t want to start a brick and mortar business. Be smart and parter with a company that takes care of all the essential “background” business functions for you so you can do what you do best: connect people to the products and opportunity.


5. It is one of the lowest-cost paths to getting into business for yourself.

This is a huge, huge strength of network marketing. Again, you have to be careful when looking at companies and consider not only the startup costs but the continual costs of business. Do they require you to buy product monthly or for every season? Do you have to hold inventory? Do you have to maintain a certain sales quota? That said, being able to open your business for $49, $499, or even $999 can be an incredible value.


Think of it this way: to open a McD’s franchise, you need to have at least $750,000 in liquid assets. Subway is on the lower end and “only” requires a net worth ranging from $80,000 – $300,000. What’s more, a typical franchise will take at least 5 years to see ANY profit. #ouch. With network marketing, you can start up for $1000 or less and get into profit mode immediately. With no overhead, operating costs, or debt-inducing investments, the sky is literally the limit for how quickly you can change your family’s financial story.


Ready to learn more?

I’ll be real with you: network marketing isn’t the answer for everyone. BUT it’s a vehicle that brings financial and time margin to millions and millions of families everywhere. In many ways, it’s what you make of it. But that should EXCITE you, if you have a strong enough why and a burning desire for change or opportunity. Your future isn’t something to play around with – position yourself well now so you can lead the life you want (without worry) down the road.


My only request is this: as you look into the industry and consider what opportunity might be a fit for you, do your research. Every company has idiosyncrasies…makes sure you know exactly what will be required of you from an operational standpoint. Make sure you know the costs of doing business. Make sure you understand how the comp plan works. I’ve seen too many people quit or change companies after a few months because they didn’t do enough research on the front-end, and later realized that they weren’t getting what they needed out of it. Find your tribe – the people that will help you succeed – within a company that resonates with you on a deeper level, and you’ll be well-positioned for success!


If any of this article struck a chord with you and you want to learn more, let us know via the contact page or I’d be happy to chat about the industry in general. I’m also blessed to be part of one of the fastest-growing, most generous companies in the industry. I’d love to share how we are different than most other companies, if this is a path you’re considering. I’m always looking to expand my team of leaders and change makers worldwide! If you’re looking for an opportunity, this might just be the best first step you can take in changing your future. <3

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