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The Anti-Aging Product You Never Knew You Needed

The Anti-Aging Product You Never Knew You Needed


When my friend first told me about Nerium’s Night Cream, my immediate reaction was “lolz. I’m 26…why would I need an anti-aging product?” I mean really, people already tell me I have a baby face and consistently ask if I’m the younger sister (answer: no). So turning back the hands of time on my face wasn’t a priority for me. In fact, I really didn’t think anything of it at all. Non-issue, right?


But what many of you probably don’t know is that basically all through middle school, high school, and college (and even a while after), I struggled to keep my skin clear. It was broken out in some form all. the. time. Plus, it was pretty oily. It was embarrassing, frustrating, and sometimes painful…and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t ever reliably clear up my skin, reduce the inflammation, or tone down areas of redness. I tried drug store brands, Clinque, Proactiv, the works…and still, breakouts would appear like clockwork. I learned how to do my makeup in a way that was natural and light, yet still provided the coverage I needed…but I really just wished that I could leave the house without any makeup at all.


So when I learned that Nerium’s Night Cream addresses skin health on a variety of fronts – aka it doesn’t just help with wrinkles and fine lines, but also works on areas of damage / discoloration, uneven skin texture, and enlarged pores…and makes skin softer, brighter, more radiant, and CLEAR – I figured I’d give it a shot. What’s there to lose? (Not even money – every bottle has a 30 day money back guarantee #winning).


Turns out, this is the product I never knew I needed! Within a few weeks I felt a huge difference in the smoothness and softness of my skin. I could see my complexion clearing up right before my eyes. My skin was rebalanced and wasn’t extra oily (it works in the opposite direction, too – I know people who used to be super dry but now have much more hydrated skin). Month by month, things have just gotten better and better.


I’ve used the product for a little over a year now, and the difference in my skin is incredible. Lines that I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE I HAD have been erased (what?! That’s the kicker for me). Plus, my complexion is 100% different – radiant, bright, even, smooth, soft, and most importantly, clear!! I have people complimenting me on my skin now, and pretty regularly (which is weird, but cool!).



Anyways, looking back on older pictures and seeing what a difference it has made it just so crazy. I never thought I needed an “anti-aging” product, but when the product does so many things at once and is so easy to use, it just makes sense. Now that my skin is more consistently clear, I want to work on keeping it healthy and fresh for the long term. And fortunately, I don’t have to start a whole new regime or system to do that! One product. One step. Boom, done.


All that said, I would hiiiighly recommend giving Nerium’s Night Cream a shot if you’re looking for healthier skin and feel like you’ve tried everything (or are tired of using a system with so many steps and products). Simply put, it just works!


If you have any questions about your specific “skin issue,” reach out via the contact page, leave a comment, or drop me an email at and I’ll do what I can to help!

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