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The Easiest Buffalo Chicken You’ll Ever Make

Recipe: The Easiest Macro-Friendly Buffalo Chicken You'll Ever Make


So I think I’ve talked about this before…most weeks, the way I go about my meal prep is to make a bunch of things individually (as opposed to casseroles or full “dishes”). That way, I can mix my food up throughout the week with different flavor profiles and not get bored with what I’m eating. I can typically eat the same thing many times in a row and be fine…but there have been a few times I’ve burned myself out on food to the point it has made me nauseous. So now I’m trying to protect against that from happening again lol.


Example: I’ll make ~3 lbs of plain chicken in the crockpot, ~2 lbs of ground turkey with light seasoning, roasted vegetables, and white rice. Then, throughout the week, I can mix and match ingredients, seasonings, and toppings as desired to create a full meal.


This practice lead me to literally one of the easiest “recipes” ever (if you can even call it that).


I know lots of people who love buffalo chicken wings or tenders. And typically, the chicken would be loaded with crap…or at least dipped in crap (ALL THE RANCH PLZ). However, this easy, on-the-go recipe for buffalo chicken is super macro-friendly and doesn’t feel like “diet” food at all. Check it!



  • baked, shredded chicken
  • Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce
  • Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese Wedge


  • Bake your chicken in the oven or in the crockpot as normal. I always do crockpot. High heat for 4 hours. Shredding it is SO easy…I find it’s a little tough after baking.


  1. Pull your chicken out of the fridge and measure out the amount you need to hit your protein goals for the meal.
  2. Unwrap 1 Laughing Cow light swiss cheese wedge and put in the bowl with your chicken.
  3. Drizzle as much Frank’s as your heart desires (only thing to watch here is the sodium)…dry chicken makes me sad, so I’m usually in the 1-2 tablespoon range.
  4. Place in the microwave for 45 seconds – 1 minute.
  5. Stir and CHOW DOWN.
Like honestly, wasn’t that so easy? Slightly creamy with just enough heat…perfect for getting you out of that plain chicken rut, and great for lunch at the office. Sometimes I also eat it for breakfast…it’s a good way to get all your senses firing!


And to make it even better, assuming you measured out 3.5 oz chicken, your macros are 25 g protein / 1 g carb / 3 g fat. Not only is it a great main for any meal, but a nice little supplementary snack to have in your back pocket if you are running low on protein for the day!


Here are a few easy ways to build around the “base” make it more of a full meal:


  • mix in some white race to fill your carb requirements
  • eat it atop a bed of lettuce for a pseudo-buffalo chicken salad
  • top with some feta for some extra flavor (as pictured)
  • do all three of the above at once – BOOM.

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