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The Friday 5: The Shoes I’m Drooling Over Now

Friday 5: The Shoes I'm Drooling Over Now


Alright friends, we’ve got a new series comin’ atcha! Each Friday, we’ll put out a list of things we’re loving – anything from fashion trends to books to movies to quote to, really, whatever feels right at the moment. We figured it’d be a fun way to get some of the stuff we love out there and usher in the weekend with something lighthearted. (And hey, if you need an afternoon break at the office to check it out, we won’t tell.)


So here it is…the first official installment of The Friday 5. This week, we’re talking shoes. Mainly because I recently did a deep closet purge and got rid of a ton of shoes I never wore. Couple that with the fact that I haven’t really bought any “fun” shoes in quite some time, and well, my shoe closet needs a refresh. It hit me right in the face as I walked through the shoe department of the Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue…#needallthethings!! Honestly, if the cash was free flowin’ I could have easily spent all the monies.


These are the shoes I’m drooling over right now…


Friday 5: Shoes I'm Drooling Over Now. Steve Madden CarabuSteve Madden Carabu Sandal.

We’re going to start this list off with a bang, and all of my friends are going to stare at their screens in disbelief. Because yes, I am being 100% real about these fluffy Steve Maddens – the most illogical shoe of the bunch. Fluff? Suede? Pink? I will take it all! In fact, I actually purchased these babies for an event, and am obsessed with them. (This, from a girl who wears Frye moto boots at least 75% of the time). FIRST OF ALL, you just have to try them on because they are way less pink than you think. It’s really cool because when they’re on my feet, they actually blend into my skin color and almost take on this nude quality. Plus, the fluff has this great effect where it sort of subtly disappears into thin air (they aren’t as fluffy in person as they look online). Because of this, people aren’t immediately hit with “whoa, those are some crazy shoes,” and instead, they start talking about how cute and different the shoes are once they realize what you’re wearing. Plus, just about everyone has this slightly toned down version – why not mix it up a bit? All I’m saying is, statement piece that’s not obnoxious? Yes please!


Friday 5: Shoes I'm Drooling Over Now Allbirds Wool RunnersAllbirds Women’s Wool Runners.

I first heard about Allbirds from a slightly drunk and definitely crazy American ex-pat investment banker in a pub in London. He was raving and raving about these shoes and how comfortable they are and how amazing the wool “technology” is and how he was trying to find a way to invest in the company. So, naturally, I had to check them out. Fast-forward a few months and these shoes are EVERYWHERE. I’d love to have them for running around (note: not actually running, but maybe that’s just me), casual outfits, and for travel. The company also released a loafer silhouette this week, which is really intriguing to me. It can be really hard to find cute but comfortable shoes for trips that require a lot of walking, and I think either of these fit the bill perfectly.


Friday 5: Shoes I'm Drooling Over Now Nike Air Max TheaNike Air Max Thea.

When I was in high school, I had casual tennis shoes in literally every color combination. A crazy amount of shoes that I could pair with any outfit. But now, all my tennis shoes are for working out – not the kind you’d really wear with anything else. Athleisure, contrary to what some think, does not mean that you should look like you are coming from or going to the gym…but rather, that you’d have the option to at some point in the day. There’s a very subtle difference, people. All that to say, ya girl needs some casual tennis shoes…and I am loving the way these Nike’s pair with the latest raw hem, slim-fit jeans.


Friday 5: Shoes I'm Drooling Over Now Sperry Seaside Slip-OnsSperry Seaside Slip-Ons.

Do you ever need to just run out the door really quickly? Hop over to the grocery store, Target, and the bank? My options for doing so right now are Uggs or slides. And while I love them both dearly, I feel like an in-between would be nice. Slip-ons – like these Sperry’s – can be a step above regular tennis shoes (depending on the fabric), but also keep things low-key in an unaffected way. I’m loving the quilted leather and perforated versions out this season!


Friday 5: Shoes I'm Drooling Over Now Adidas GazelleAdidas Gazelle Suede Sneakers.

Pink tennies again, you ask? Yes. Because you can really never have enough Millennial Pink (it’s a thing). Everyone and their mother (or cool hipster baby, as it were) is rocking the Adidas Original Superstars because #streetfashion. I’m not usually one to get something just because everyone else has it (and in fact, if everyone else has it, I probably won’t get it), so these pink Gazelle’s are juuuust different enough to create interest but maintain a similar silhouette / aesthetic. Of course, there are many other colors you can choose from to put your own spin on the trend, if pink isn’t your thing!


Alright, so there you have it! I probably could have added 10 other pairs to this list…but those are the shoes I have my eye on at the moment. Very pink, and very casual…and hey, that’s just me! All shoes come in other colors as well, so click on through and find the ones that speak to you.


What shoe trends are you loving as we head into spring?


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