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Felix Gray Review: Why You Need These Computer Glasses Now

Felix Gray Computer Glasses Review: Why You Need These Computer Glasses Now

Now that I have two weeks of wearing Felix Gray glasses under my belt, here’s what I can tell you: you need these glasses. Like, that’s it, end of story. #shortestblogpostever #itsreallyatweet


Okay, I’ll give you a bit more to go off of before you purchase, but just trust me, get them.


Blue Light – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

For a little background, Felix Gray is a brand of eyewear created for people who use computers (or screens in general) all day. They block blue light, reduce glare, and are non-prescription (there is a magnification option available, however). This, of course, begs question as to why computer glasses are even a thing and why you would want to wear glasses if you don’t have vision problems, right?


Let’s look at blue light specifically, because this one is the biggie. Turns out, there are two types of blue light: a range of wavelengths that are good, and a range of wavelengths that are bad. Blue light is beneficial during daylight hours because it boosts attention, reaction times, and mood. YAY!


There are two sides to the coin, though. The fact that blue light helps to regulate our circadian rhythm (aka sleep cycle) also makes too much of it harmful, especially at nighttime hours. If you’re taking in too much blue light via man-made sources (aka screens), your melatonin secretion can become suppressed, potentially causing sleepless nights and daytime fatigue.


Staring at screens all day can also lead to what is known as Digital Eye Strain. DES is diagnosed by a set of symptoms that most of us have likely experienced: eye fatigue, dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and neck and back pain. In fact, 60% of Americans (over 200 million adults) have reported having these symptoms regularly.


This doesn’t sound all too terrible – other than mild discomfort – but some research suggests that there could be more serious consequences. Several studies have linked exposure to light at night to several types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. The research is very preliminary, but it is said that lower melatonin levels, higher blood sugar, and lower leptin levels might explain the associations. What’s more, being short on sleep is also linked to an increased risk for depression, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. Finally, in terms of eye health, too much exposure can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. Unfortunately, this can cause changes that resemble those of macular degeneration, ultimately leading to permanent vision loss. YIKES.

Felix Gray Computer Glasses Review: Why You Need These Computer Glasses Now

Blue Light Blockers

This should be scary, because right about now you are probably thinking about how much time you spend in front of a screen. Could America significantly reduce a bevy of its health worries if we just cut down the screen time?? Given that 43% of Americans have jobs that require prolonged computer use (we spend an average of 7.5 hours PER DAY in front of our screens), cutting down on our screen time in any material way doesn’t seem like an option.


What we can do, however, is use blue light blockers. There are many options out there, but most are less than effective (blocking less than 25% of the blue light) or unattractive (nobody wants to wear glasses with yellow lenses). Enter Felix Grays.


Felix Gray Computer Glasses Review: Why You Need These Computer Glasses Now


Why You Actually Need These

I purchased the “Nash” style in black with no magnification – I have a smaller face, so I wanted a style that wouldn’t overwhelm my features (especially knowing they’re unisex). And I have to say, I actually like the way these look on me better than my real glasses!


As I wore the glasses throughout the week, I experienced 3 key things:


  1. Less Strain. Oftentimes, I find myself squinting at the computer screen. This eye strain is the result of looking at my computer too long…my eyes just get too tired! Squinting usually seems to ease the strain, but I know it’s not necessarily healthy (and goodness knows I’m not trying to speed up the formation of crow’s feet or 11 lines!). After wearing these glasses, I noticed my eyes were way more relaxed. I didn’t have to squint or scrunch up my face throughout the day, and the tension relief I felt because of it was incredible. I used to have giant knots in my traps / upper back. While I do still get a bit sore if I sit in front of the computer for too long, the tension has been eased considerably.
  2. Fewer Headaches. My eyes are fairly sensitive to light, so I get headaches semi-frequently when I’m around bright light sources…especially if I look at my computer all day or use my phone at night with the lights off. During the two or so weeks wearing the glasses, I didn’t have one headache! Okay that’s a lie…but the headache was on a day when I wasn’t using my computer (gasp!) and just went too long in between meals 😉 #hangry.
  3. A Realization. Most importantly, though, it made me realize just how much I’m in front of screens of all sorts – my laptop, my phone, TVs. And many times, all three at once (I’m not proud). Because I was super intentional about wearing the glasses during extended screen time, I ended up wearing my glasses almost all day. I really only took them off to prepare and eat meals, workout, and get ready. Good thing they look good on me! That said, realizing how much I’m in front of screens encouraged me to break away from the technology more than I otherwise might have. I usually don’t take planned screen breaks, but wearing these definitely helped me see just how much I’m attached to my technology.


Go Get ‘Em

Not only do these glasses look amazing on, but they’re comfortable. The best combination of fashion and function I’ve found, for sure! And, because they have also prompted me to take more time off of my screens in addition to blocking that evil blue light when I am using my tech, I feel like I have the best of both worlds. Gotta love implementing healthier habits!


What do you think? Have you ever heard of blue light blockers or Digital Eye Strain?


Time for you to grab yourself a pair of these computer glasses air and try them out! With a 30 day risk-free trail period, you’ve got nothing to lose 🙂


Felix Gray Computer Glasses Review: Why You Need These Computer Glasses Now

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