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Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2017

summer capsule wardrobe


There’s been a lot of talk by my friends lately about closet purging and creating a capsule wardrobe. There’s a part of me that really loves clearing everything out and starting fresh, but with less. It has to be so freeing, right?


There are about 203948235 ways to do a capsule wardrobe…which, is pretty ironic by minimalist standards. Of course, the first step to this whole gig is to clear out your closet and see what you have to start with. Because it has been written about many times before, though, I’m not going to completely go over how to effectively go through the clearing process. (I know you want the meat of an example summer capsule anyway!) As I cleared out my closet last weekend, I realized that most of my clothes are fall styles. So I took them out and packed them up to streamline for the summer season, and guess what? Ya girl needs to rebuild big time.


So here’s how I’m approaching this summer capsule: I want to create a wardrobe for everyday life – things that are cute but simple, and versatile enough to dress up but comfortable enough to run around in. This isn’t meant to apply to a professional environment necessarily – if you have a job where dressing professionally (business professional, business) is a priority, you will likely want to create a separate work capsule. So while there won’t be a ton of crossover, I’m hoping that ~25+ of the shirts and a couple pairs of shoes *could* cross over into more professional settings (I will mark the ones I think apply with an **).


The way I would break down a capsule of 31 summer items is as follows:


  • 12 shirts
  • 8 bottoms
  • 5 shoes
  • 4 dresses / rompers
  • 2 jackets / “toppers”
Ok down to biz-niz! Here’s what I’m picking to create a summer capsule wardrobe for 2017:





 My Picks:




You need:
1 pair wunder unders || 1 pair denim shorts || 1 pair “pull on” shorts || 2 skirts (1 patterned, 1 black*)

 My Picks: 




You need:


  My Picks:


Dresses / Rompers


You need:


  My Picks:


Jackets / Toppers


You need:


  My Picks:



Now go make it your own!


A few notes on how to translate  this capsule into something that works for you:


  • My list is a little more skewed towards shoes because my shoe closet is seriously lacking (as previously mentioned). If there is a type of item you don’t wear (i.e. dresses) or a category where you have enough options (i.e. shoes), you can take that allotted number items and reallocate to a different category.
  • I pretty much don’t wear shorts. Like, ever. So I included 1 pair of jean shorts and 1 pair of lighter shorts here because I can see them being effortlessly included into a summer wardrobe…but if you wear shorts regularly, just sub out a pair of jeans or a skirt for an additional pair of shorts.
  • It’s also rare that I wear dresses. I don’t know why. I go through seasons where I think I’m going to start wearing them more often so I buy a bunch of cute option…then I’m uncomfortable every time I wear them. So they get pushed to the back of the closet, only worn once. Need to get better about that! I included 4 dresses because I think they are versatile for a lot of people, and if I wore dresses, these are the ones I’d want.
  • There are WAY more fun pants to wear in the summer than any other season. Breezy fabrics, cool patterns, loose styles, etc…HOWEVER, for me that is not practical and I wouldn’t get enough wears out of them.
  • I tried to pick items that would either not show sweat or strategically hide it. #sweatlife
  • I chose a neutral + nautical theme because even though there are florals ALL over the place this year, it’s so easy to look put together anywhere you go in the summer with this color palette. Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, BBQ’s and everything in between – you’re set! Blues, whites, grey, some olive, and pops of red = classic.
  • The nice thing about summer is that it feels like you get more options because you don’t have to use as many tops on layering pieces. However, the downfall of that is that there is typically not as much mixing and matching, depending on how hot it is, so you *may* feel like your outfits aren’t as creative.
  • Capsules don’t include workout gear (THANK GOODNESS – I need way too many pairs of lulu’s for that).


So what would you add that I didn’t? Is your closet skewed towards one type of item over another? Good luck creating your summer capsule wardrobe for 2017…and remember, it’s a process that’s supposed to be FUN!

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