Why You Need the Shoes Everyone is Talking About

why you need the shoes everyone is talking about


If you haven’t heard the name “Allbirds” being thrown around seemingly everywhere you turn…well, now that I’ve said it, you just might. The first time I heard of the brand, I was on a solo trip to London and out to dinner at a pub with a friend. Somehow, we started talking to an American ex-pat in I-Banking (because what American ex-pat in London ISN’T in I-Banking?) who was purportedly drinking his sorrows away after having to fire someone that day. Eventually, the conversation turned to his shoes, and you guys, he was going on and on and on about how these are the best shoes ever, how they’re so comfortable, how they feel like clouds, how they’re perfect, and how he wanted so badly to invest in the company because they were going to be the next big thing.


Turns out, these weren’t just crazy drunken ramblings – he was actually 100% accurate.


He made sure to tell me the name of the company – “They’re called Allbirds. Allbirds. You have to look them up. Allbirds” – but of course, I did nothing of the sort UNTIL I saw them somewhere on social media about two months later. Once my memory was jogged, I looked into the company and was so impressed by what they stand for. Claiming to have “the most comfortable shoes in the world” seems a little fantastical at first blush, but being a certified B-corp, following sustainable farming and production practices, and ensuring the animals are well-cared for are all things I can stand behind. Plus, #branding.


The more and more I heard about them + saw them all over social media, the more I wanted a pair. So, after the launch of the loungers, I finally sprung for a pair on my birthday…I mean, a new job + turning 28 deserves some celebration, right? #goldenbirthday


Then, the day came when they arrived. I took my time opening the box…gotta savor the moment! Side note: the packaging is fantastic.


When I put the loungers on…I literally stopped and paused in disbelief, because you guys, these are actually the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on in my life. Like, they legit feel like walking on clouds. All the marketing, for once, wasn’t hype! Whuuuut. So refreshing! It was at that moment, I became a true fan of the brand.


Ready for the shoe review? Read on, friend!

 why you need the shoes everyone is talking about


I decided to go with the grey wool loungers because I figured they’d be a bit more versatile for ladies. You all know I love my athleisure, but given that I’d be working in an office again (granted, a casual one), I didn’t feel like I should wear tennis shoes every day. The loungers can be a little more dressed up (check out their IG for inspo) – a good alternative to flats, which my feet can’t actually handle.


However, Madison ordered the runners on the same day, so I have had a chance to try those out + hear her perspective on that style as well. One key difference that I’ll note between the loungers and the runners (besides the obvious styling) is that the loungers are much less structured. The runners have more side support by a long shot, so your foot feels more secure. Whereas the runners are the most comfortable tennis shoes I’ve ever put on, the loungers almost make me feel like I’m not even wearing shoes in the first place. I didn’t feel like I needed to break them in at all – they were already absolutely perfect. While the shoe itself provides a good shape, the wool feels like it actually forms to your foot…so it’s not like there’s any weird or uncomfortable rubbing going on.


I’ve worn my loungers quite a few times – both in very chilly AC as well as in hot and sticky summer heat. Only after 10+ hours in the heat did my feet ever start to feel hot or like I wanted to be barefoot…the rest of the time, they felt like they were in a completely neutral state (just like if you are wearings sock with tennis shoes).


On the other end of the spectrum, most of my current job is sitting behind a desk, and my feet are fine wearing these all day to work (for obvious reasons). However, I have also worn them on days where I was on my feet for the majority of the day, whether that be walking around or just standing. To my pleasant surprise (for someone with flat feet), they felt great the entire time and my feet didn’t get sore or uncomfortable in either situation.


Honestly, I am super excited for my next trip (wherever it may be), because I know I am going to be wearing my loungers. Footwear when traveling abroad can be tricky (what’s going to be comfortable but still cute in pictures? What will work in whatever weather we’ll encounter? What’s light enough to pack vs comfortable enough to wear on the plane? what goes with everything?), but I have a feeling these will make outfit planning and exploring new cities all day a breeze.


So with that – I would hiiiighly recommend either style if you’re looking for a new pair of casual shoes or a pair of shoes for travel.


And on that note, have you SEEN all the new colors that just launched within the last few days? I have wanted to grab a pair of the runners ever since my loungers came in, and the new colors gave me the perfect excuse to do so. Because I actually want every color. #thestruggle. I SUPPOSE it would be unreasonable to have a closet full of all birds for every occasion, but a girl can dream, right?


Nevertheless, I have a box coming my way very soon with a fresh new pair of loungers (tui light red AKA the cutest millennial pink ones you have seen all over the ‘gram) AND runners (Kotare plum because #fall).


So tell us – what color and style are you going to jump on?!


Tag us in your IG pics so we can see where you go and how you style them! @live.wonderfull #choosetolivewonderfull


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