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Let’s Get Away: The Luggage You Need for Your Next Trip

Let's Get Away Luggage You Need


What’s better than a weekend (or week) away? Uhm, pretty much nothing, I think.


But, there are two things that can make or break a trip: the ease – or conversely, inconvenience – of packing and getting around.


I’ve written quite a bit about how packing light has been such a revolutionary experience in my travels abroad. This bag is what got me started on minimalist packing, and I was (still am) obsessed with it. But after seeing so much about Away luggage on instagram – it seems like all my favorite bloggers use it – I was intrigued. My best friend purchased a small, hardbacked piece of luggage for our Iceland / Paris trip, and it didn’t make sense to me how it could fit everything she needed for a week. So, that background + the aesthetics of the Away luggage + the fact that it has a BUILT IN PHONE CHARGER pushed me to take the leap and try out one of Away’s small carryons for myself.


The verdict? I’m obsessed.


It hurts my heart a little because I don’t know what this means for my Longchamp…will it be completely replaced? It is one of my favorite purchases ever – I got it on my first trip to Paris, and it got me through traveling to Chicago for every weekend of grad school. #memories. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and get too dramatic here, eh? Moving on…


So far, I’ve tested out my new Away luggage (Pop and Suki edition! I can’t with the pink…) on a couple of weekend road trips and a cross-country flight. My biggest thing with trying out the suitcase was making sure I would have enough room for everything in it (aka testing it out against WOW air standards), not necessarily with fitting it in the overhead bins. My thinking is that they’ve tested and tested and tested those dimensions – if I can pack it the way I want to, I trust that it’s going to fit where I need it to. That said…there was PLENTY of room in the overhead bins and I had an easier time putting this in and taking it out of the bins than any bag I’ve ever used before.

Let's Get Away Luggage You Need

Plus…this suitcase fits more in it than I would have ever imagined. Having one side dedicated to hard / odd-shaped objects and zipping them into place with a mesh covering helps my suitcase stay much more organized and streamlined. With the duffel style of the Longchamp, you just kind of have to stuff it in and go. But because the Away is more organized, I can “tetris” to fit more in. Safe to say, I’m impressed.


The biggest differentiator for me, when comparing it to my beloved Longchamp, is that this is an actual suitcase. Meaning it has wheels. And these are the fun kind of wheels – the kind that you can drag behind or roll beside in cramped spaces. My biggest inconvenience with the Longchamp is that it is an over the shoulder bag…so when it was packed to the brim and I had to carry it for a while, my shoulder killllllled. With the Away suitcase, I no longer have that issue. #halleluuuu


Here are a few other details that set it apart:


  • It has an internal USB charger. Let’s just think about what kind of game changer that is going to be for layovers and long delays between flights…#nomorefloorcharging
  • The shell of the case itself is subtly flexible…this makes it less likely that it is going to break or crack. Plus, it gives you extra breathing room so you have just enough space for a few essential souvenirs.
  • It has a built-in TSA approved combo lock. I travel with luggage locks as much as I can. But, it’s inevitable that I have to buy a new one for just about every trip because I never know where I put them last! The Away luggage keeps everything super sleek by actually locking the zippers into place…the attention to detail in this design is incredible.
  • It is easy to clean. Wouldn’t you know, the first time I used it, I got a scuff on the beautiful pink shell. And after I flew, there were little black scuffs all over it from security. My heart broke for a quick minute, but then I realized it would actually be a great test. I looked to see if there were any special instructions when cleaning, then went for it. That scuff came right off and she looks good as new again.


I really can’t wait to take this baby abroad and put it to the true test. Luckily, Away gives you 100 days to use your luggage so you can determine if it’s a fit for your traveling preferences. If you’d like to give it a shot for your next trip, click here to save $20 off your purchase!


So, where’s your next trip away?

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    Collette Lee
    October 23, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    I bought am away suitcase because of your review! Sadly I forgot to use the coupon code 😬. Wah wah. Anyway, thanks lady for being the guinea pig!

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