Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For The #Bossbabe

Holiday Gift Guide Bossbabe
Our #bossbabe friend is a girl we really admire. She’s out there hustling, performing, getting things done. Anything she does, she does well…and we can’t wait to watch what she does next. We love her tenacity and her ability to relate to almost anyone. It’s kind of amazing that she has as much energy as she does, because she has a lot going on. Turns out, her bag really is full of tricks and tools she uses to streamline her life.


Help her add a few more secret weapons to her productivity arsenal with these standout gifts:


holiday gift guide bossbabe


  • Purple Chair Cushion: Even if she’s on the go, I’m willing to bet she spends a good amount of time at a desk. I have multiple friends that raaaave about the Purple Mattress – this is just a mini version for your booty!
  • Felix Grays: These glasses are good for anyone who spends a significant amount of time in front of a screen. The blue light blockers help reduce eye strain (and therefore headaches!) so she can work more comfortably. Check out our original review here. Highly recommend the Nash style!
  • EHT: EHT is a brain health supplement that promotes mental clarity and cognition, increased focus and concentration, and memory recall. EHT drastically reduced my brain drain after grad school, and keeps me sharp during the day. The science behind it is incredible, too.
  • Lo and Sons OMG Bag: This is the best “true” work bag I’ve ever had – made specifically for the young professional woman who travels. Let me tell you, the OMG holds nearly everything, looks classic, and withstands a ton of wear!
  • Sam Edelman “Paris” Mules: Loafer mules are the hottest shoe of the season. Who has time for pumps when you’re running to and from appointments? These loafers keep her looking smart while she stays mobile.
  • Sassy Notebook: Girl’s gotta take some notes! Might as well show ‘em who’s boss!
  • Hustle Hard Print: A mantra, of sorts.
  • Happy Planner: A well-utilized planner sets a solid foundation for each day. The Happy Planner has monthly, weekly, and daily calendars to break down tasks and goals, but shows off her personality too!
  • Make Things Happen Mug: Everyone has a mug on their desk. Hers might as well be cute!


With these few tools on her side, there’s no telling what she’ll do next : )

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