Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For The Homeowner

Holiday Gift Guide Homeowner
Since Madison and I have recently started house-hunting, we just had to put together a gift guide of fun things that can be your go-to for host / hostess gifts, or gifts for your friend that just moved into a new place. Coming from a girl who is starting at ground zero with decorations and fun pieces for entertaining…any of these gifts will be much appreciated! ; )


holiday gift guide homeowner


  • Mongolian Lamb Pillows: Currently obsessed with these Mongolian Lamb pillow covers. It’s the whole “playing with texture can totally make a room” argument again. Lots of color options available, and they’re on sale!
  • Wine Tasting Set: Do we actually need to give a reason for this?
  • Marble Cutting Board: A gorgeous cutting board with gold accents is always acceptable in our book. This can be used for serving or decoration, too! I’d be inclined to use it for charcuterie rather than weekly meal prep.
  • Rose Quartz Agate Cheese Board: Is this not the most beautiful piece for a coffee table display? Although it says it’s a cheese board, I don’t know that I’d ever actually serve anything on it. But holy cow – definitely points for presentation! #googlyeyes
  • Coffee Table Books: This, this, and this are a few of my faves. Stacking them on a coffee table or night stand, having one at arm’s length in the kitchen, or even color-coordinating a bookshelf are all good options for the design-conscious homeowner.
  • Le Creuset Covered Casserole Dish: Honestly obsessing so hard over this. Is it the most practical thing? No, of course not. You can get great casserole dishes for much less. BUT GUYS. THIS COLOR.
  • City Print: Listen. I’m an Indy girl through and through – it is my home after all! But, Chicago will always have a piece of my heart, and I love the immediate familiarity of this skyline. Show their city some love with a skyline, map, or neighborhood print!
  • Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener: Rabbits are supposed to be pretty solid wine bottle openers. My parents have had one for years, and it’s super easy to use!
  • Butter Crock: If you’ve never head of a butter crock, it is so cool. It allows you to keep fresh butter at room temperature so it is perfectly spreadable. Here’s more info on how it actually works! This marble version looks great sitting out on the counter.
  • Instant Pot: Ok, look, I know appliances are not a sexy gift. HOWEVER, everyone I know who has an Instant Pot, loves it. It’s life changing because it can do pretty much anything.


What’s your favorite go-to hostess gift?

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