Pressing Pause

Sometimes in life, a pause is required.


As you may have noticed (or not, lolz), our posts on this blog have gone a bit stale, MIA. For me, giving myself the permission to pause on content creation for the time being is an important step to take.


My intention with starting this blog is to provide highly valuable content – information, advice, or experiences that are additive to you, the reader’s, life. I don’t want to be a fluffy blog with pretty pictures but no substance, and I don’t want my blog to become money-centric in terms of making inauthentic content for the purpose of gaining clicks.


I love love love the written word. If I could spend a good chunk of my time writing, I’d be a happy lady. But, creating content that adds value or brings a new perspective takes time…and right now, I’m super content with my other endeavors. I have a full-time job that I love and keeps me engaged during the day. I have a side gig that is absolutely fulfilling and is something I want to actively pursue non-stop. Mix that with working out, a few hours in the car for a commute, patio brunchin, and all the other demands of daily life…well, you see where this is going : )


Right now, I’m okay with not having the time to dedicate to longer form content in the way that I want to. I’ll put up posts from time to time until I’m ready to dive in again – I literally have 20 posts that are very meaningful to me in 2nd draft stage, but have never felt ready to click publish. Until then, I’m excited for us to focus wholly on Instagram.


So until we’re back over here, follow us at @live.wonderfull on Instagram. We don’t usually post daily, but we do aim to bring you consistent thoughts on positivity, affirmations, and life’s simple but beautiful pleasures.


Who knows how long the pause will last, but when we press play, you’ll know ; )
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