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Holiday Gift Guide Bossbabe

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For The #Bossbabe

Our #bossbabe friend is a girl we really admire. She’s out there hustling, performing, getting things done. Anything she does, she does well…and we can’t wait to watch what she does next. We love her tenacity and her ability…

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Cozy Girl

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For The Cozy Girl

  Oh, our cozy friend. She’s the one who loves nothing more than cuddling up with a good cup of tea and a favorite book on the weekends. She changes into lounge clothes the second she gets home from…

single's day sales treatyoself

Single’s Day Sales to #TreatYoself

Confession: I didn’t know “Single’s Day” was a thing until my inbox started blowwwwing up with sale notifications. After a little research, turns out that it’s one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Who knew?! (But PS,…