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how to make the most of your Iceland stopover

How to Make the Most of Your Iceland Stopover

The Land of Fire and Ice: such majestic beauty!   If there is one thing I recommend to people who are looking to travel to Europe (besides these packing hacks, of course), it is that you should look into flying through…

packing everything in one carry-on

A Week in a Carry-On: Putting It All Together

Alright, we’re in the homestretch. We’ve learned about planning the outfits, shedding what’s not necessary, being strategic about toiletries, and thinking through the extras.   But today is the biggie: we’re putting your outfits, toiletries, and extras all together…

shed your stuff - just throw your jeans away!

A Week in a Carry-On: Shedding

  A few trips ago, I came up with a packing strategy by accident. It happened once out of necessity…didn’t think anything of it. Then it happened again. I still didn’t think much of it until I was packing…